Adobo Lime

Milford Spice Company

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Milford Spice Company - Adobo Lime

When we are selling at events, this is the first one we hand people to smell. The smell alone is intoxicating and will help your imagination run wild with all the possibilities. The flavor is balanced, you can definitely pick up the cumin and the lime, and we call this a Puerto Rican style adobo. We love it on fish, on roasted vegetables. It's excellent as a dry rub on pork or chicken, too.

Our favorite use is as a seasoning for fajitas (chicken, beef, cauliflower, shrimp) served with traditional peppers and onions. Also makes a delicious green chili seasoning. Be sure to check out all our recipes on our blog on this site, or in our Facebook group: Cooking with Milford Spice Company

Hand blended from cumin, garlic, fennel, lime, black pepper, salt, coriander, oregano, rosemary and thyme.

2.3 oz. in a resealable pack.