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Limited Edition Bourbon Trio Shaker Set

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The perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day - our Limited Edition Bourbon Trio Shaker Set! 

Set includes the following blends in a Gift Box: 

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Black Pepper (2.2 oz)

This black pepper is cold smoked using aged bourbon barrels. The result is a robust aroma with hints of smoke and oak flavor combined with a gentle heat.

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Flake Salt (3.88 oz)

Wonderfully flavorful and aromatic. It is created by burning wood in a cold smoking chamber, allowing the smoke to circulate and impart a complex, rich flavor within the salt. 

Big Easy Bourbon Molasses (3.5 oz)

Slightly spicy with a rich molasses flavor, this full-bodied blend is wonderful on all meat choices.