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Prime Rib Rub

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This is a classic seasoning that is an excellent rub for beefsteaks and roasts or sprinkled on poultry and fish dishes. It’s versatility is also evident when used as a seasoning for greens, vegetables or salad dressings. We especially like it on our prime rib, steaks, burgers and pork chops.

To make a flavorful crust for prime rib, use this seasoning as a rub (2-3 teaspoons per pound). As with all rubs you want to add evenly to all sides the meat. Don’t be afraid to work it into the meat with your hands and then refrigerate for about an hour before cooking. Take the meat drippings and make a tasty gravy by adding water and a little flour (to thicken).

Great as a Rimmer for Bloody Marys too!

Hand blended organic white pepper, sea salt, organic thyme, garlic, and onion.

You'll receive a 2 ounce reclosable pack.